The publication "The Future of Europe: The European Year of Youth" was produced in 2022 in cooperation with 10 secondary schools from Croatia as a part of a project under the European Year of Youth 2022.

MP Matić presented the printed publication "The Future of Europe: European Year of Youth" as a result of the year-long work on a project for high school students across Croatia that he carried out on the occasion of the European Year of Youth. 10 schools from all over Croatia and 5 schools from Germany participated in the project, where they, together with their Croatian peers, worked on creating a solution for young people in the form of a unique document that was presented today. It is especially important to point out that the authors of the proposed solutions are precisely young people.

The topics that young people dealt with in the publication are precisely those that they themselves identified as key, for example, issues of housing policy for young people, the education system, and the political participation of young people. Each individual topic was researched in detail by young people, and they went out to local communities in order to get the best possible insight into all the problems that their peers in Croatia face. It mentions problems such as insufficient spaces for young people, poor railway infrastructure that affects the possibility of engaging in extracurricular activities, and high rent prices.

MEP Matić points out: "This is the peak of our project activities, young people from Croatia have made proposals for solutions to the key problems that are bothering them, it's time to listen to them."

PDF The Future of Europe: The European Year of Youth"